The John Trigg Ester Library

Welcome to the John Trigg Ester Library, a community membership library in Ester, Alaska. Since its founding back in 1999, the library has grown from a collection of Dumpster-dived books and a donated couch into a two-location facility with a children’s library and plans for a soon-to-be super-efficient, passive solar building that burns no fossil fuels (the design is complete but we are still fundraising!)

Community Events

The library is an active participant in the Ester community, from Clean-Up Day to Winter Solstice, and hosts its own events, including Seedstock, the Tape & Tarp Ball, the LiBerry Music Festival, Readers on the Run, and more. Come join the fun and catch the bookworms at the library!

Mission Statement:

The John Trigg Ester Library is a home-grown community library that provides a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment where local residents can meet and share ideas and information. The library strives to instill a love of reading and learning, to showcase Ester-area history and culture, and to provide resources that enrich the whole community.